About Goldcrest Blinds

Goldcrest is the No1 family-owned supplier of blinds, curtains and shutters in Stirlingshire.

We are based at our factory in Stirling. We cover Central Scotland and surrounding areas. We are able to supply window blinds, shutters, curtains and awnings to the whole of Scotland through our network of trusted partners.

We were established in 1989, that’s over 30 years of expertise in making the finest quality window blinds. We form part of the larger Baileys family of passionate and experienced people committed to providing our customers with the finest quality blinds and service for their homes.

Our aim is to inspire our customers into creating the perfect look for their homes with the highest quality window dressings. We want our customers to have a thoroughly satisfying experience of buying from us. This is evidenced by the amount of customers who come back time and again and recommend us to family and friends.

The Baileys Family History

Goldcrest was established as a company in 1989, that’s over 30 years of expertise in making the finest quality window blinds. However as part of the Baileys Family, we can trace our group’s history even further back.

John King, a merchant from Glasgow, started a textiles company to manufacture cotton fabric to be used for window blinds
King’s Scotch Holland fabric becomes recognised as the world leader.
Arthur Dutton and Horace Gavin partnered up to form Dutton & Gavin (Textiles)
John King take over Dutton & Gavin (Textiles) as holding group.
VBS Centurion Blinds established in the Midlands
Baileys Blinds starts in North East England
Goldcrest Furnishings established in Stirling. Marks the beginning of Baileys Family Group of today.
Baileys Blinds joins Group
VBS Centurion Blinds joins Group
Dutton & Gavin (Textiles) joins Group
Group manufacturing unit move into 30,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art production facility

Commercial Blind Projects

For more about the work we do as contractors or as installers in commercial properties, please contact us or visit our Commercial section